ANPR Camera technology

A vehicle in Ireland was stopped by police after committing a traffic violation. The vehicle failed to stop after being pinged by ANPR Camera technology, the officer discovered a driver and passenger had more than 50 warrants for his arrest.

Police in Northern Ireland stopped a car on Wednesday. The car didn’t stop for the police. They said that it was stopped by an ANPR Interceptor Team officers after it failed to stop for the Garda Síochána.

The driver failed a roadside breathalyzer test and the passenger was found to have over 50 warrants.

ANPR Camera technology

Ireland has a long history of ANPR checkpoints, with the first ANPR checkpoint taking place in Dublin back in 2005. ANPR is an acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and it allows police to compare the number plates on cars passing through the checkpoint with records of cars that have been stolen or used during crimes.

The passenger was also shown to be wanted in Northern Ireland for assault; he was also arrested.

Police stopped a vehicle at an ANPR checkpoint, where the driver was found with alcohol in his system after he failed a roadside breathalyzer test. The passenger was shown to be wanted in Northern Ireland for assault; he was arrested as well. ANPR is available globally as a SaaS service through a few companies; it’s not only used for law enforcement but can also be deployed for testing purposes by ANPR manufacturers themselves.

ANPR Camera technology is becoming more popular thanks to AI which allows the production of more cost-effective ANPR hardware.