Sydney Council adopts ANPR for surveys

The idea of parking meters may be a fading memory, but in some cities councils still rely on the practice. A new innovation from a Sydney Council now uses license plate recognition ANPR technology to monitor where anyone is driving.

The technology is also used to conduct surveys of North Sydney streets so that the council can track parking patterns and vacancy rates across the entire area.

Surveys are time consuming, tedious and expensive. The upshot of using an ANPR survey is that you will receive more accurate data quicker than otherwise.

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A parking survey done manually costs $1.65 per vehicle, compared to just 8 cents per vehicle for a survey conducted using ANPR.

Authorities can identify the vacancy rates on a neighbourhood level over time by surveying their database.

ANPR also has significant Work Health and Safety benefits and is much safer to install than traditional pipe counters.

In addition to improving operators convenience, this technology also reduces human error and physical strain.